Posted by: Vicki Burns | March 16, 2011

Canada Water Week – Musicians, Artists, Scientists and Environmentalists Join Forces to Help Lake Winnipeg

The first ever Canada Water Week , March 14 to 22, 2011 is the inspiration behind one of Manitoba’s most unique celebrations of water.  The Healthy Rivers, Living Lakes Concert on Sunday March 20 at 2 P.M. at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg  is the first time that musicians , artists, scientists and environmentalists have collaborated to draw attention to our beautiful lakes in Manitoba and in particular, to the need to better protect them.
Well known Manitoba performers including comedian Al Rae as MC, singer-songwriter Heather Bishop and musicians Sam Baardman and Susan Israel are so concerned about what is happening to Lake Winnipeg that they’re volunteering their talents and time to this concert. The songs, poetry, stories, and artistic displays are all dedicated to raising awareness about protecting our precious freshwater rivers and lakes.

image of sun setting over water

sunset over the lake

For the first time,  Lake Friendly , Lake Winnipeg Foundation, and Arts for Water Project have joined forces to put together this celebration as part of the National Canada Water Week program.  “ Across Canada we are working to raise awareness of the need to do more to protect our precious freshwater and to build a wider understanding that  as individuals our everyday actions count because we all live on the lake ” explains Colleen Sklar, Executive Director of Lake Friendly. “In Manitoba we have Canada’s 6th great lake, Lake Winnipeg, and its going to take all of our efforts  to  protect the health of our lakes and rivers.   This concert is one more way to build public awareness and work with artist, musicians and poets to celebrate the beauty and importance of our shared waters. “
Bruce Smith, President of Lake Winnipeg Foundation, says “ We’re excited to bring the energy of all these talented musicians and artists to bear on the lake’s situation. This concert is a unique opportunity to attract more people to this cause and to educate them about solutions”.
I hope that the music and art at this concert will cause more people to pay attention to what is happening to our precious rivers and lakes. We all need to get involved in order to protect them now and for future generations.


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