Posted by: Vicki Burns | March 23, 2011

Living Lakes Concert in Winnipeg, A Celebration of Lake Winnipeg and Canada Water Week

The Healthy Rivers, Living Lakes Concert in Winnipeg last Sunday afternoon was a unique and entertaining way to mark Canada Water Week and what it means to some of us in Manitoba. There was specific focus on Lake Winnipeg, Canada’s 6th great lake as well as general attention to the basic essence of water and its life giving value.

image of woman singing and playing guitar with man playing guitar in the background

Heather Bishop Wows the Crowd at the Living Lakes Concert

Through poetry, stories, photographs, art and music each performer/artist gave their own personal message about water and the lake. Several of the performers imbued their work with a wonderful sense  of humour  while others related personal stories that were very meaningful. I was struck by the lively discussions taking place in the foyer during intermission and the general sense of well- being that pervaded the atmosphere. I think that many people who attended were pleased to have an opportunity for a “celebratory” gathering which is very different from the serious, often sombre events where we’re trying to solve the problems around water pollution and water quantity issues.
After experiencing this event I really do understand  the value of bringing humour, poetry, stories, art and music to the discussions around Lake Winnipeg and water in general. We need to nourish our spirits as well as engaging our brains if we’re going to make progress in protecting our precious water .

image of a table with information pamphlets and 2 people sitting at either end
The Manitoba Eco-Network took advantage of the opportunity to spread the word.

Thanks go to the Lake Friendly project, the Lake Winnipeg Foundation and the Arts for Water Project for bringing us this delightful afternoon.


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