About the Lake Winnipeg Watershed

Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium

Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board

Lake Winnipeg Implementation Committee Report [PDF]

Saskatchewan Watershed Authority – State of the Watershed Report

State of the Saskatchewan River Basin Report

NGOs and Watershed Planning Groups Across the Prairies

Alberta Watershed Planning Advisory Councils

Water Matters Alberta

Prairie Water Directive

Partners for the Saskatchewan River Basin

Manitoba Conservation Districts Association

Government Departments Working on Water Initiatives

Manitoba Water Stewardship

Saskatchewan Watershed Authority

Alberta Environment

Environment Canada Lake Winnipeg Basin Stewardship Fund



  1. A very informative talk to HAAM tonight about the Blue Green Algae problem on Lake Winnipeg and other lakes in Manitoba. Not being a cottage owner or even someone who frequents the lakes I honestly did not realize the extent of the problem. Thank you very much….it was an excellent talk on a very serious problem with wide ranging consequences if we don’t get it put right.

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