Posted by: Vicki Burns | October 8, 2010

A Changing Climate – Report Includes Impacts on Water Resources in Canada

This week I received a copy of the latest edition of Canadian Geographic magazine which includes a poster map that forecasts risks related to changing climate patterns in all the regions of Canada. The poster map shows in “easy to understand” language the kind of changes we can expect to see over the next hundred years. It is a joint effort put together by the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy.I strongly recommend you getting a copy of the magazine or accessing this report on the web if you’re interested in what is being predicted in your region of Canada.

image of the cover of Canadian Geographic Oct. 2010 edition

Canadian Geographic Oct. 2010

 Where I live on the Prairies, they are predicting increased water scarcity, drought , wildfire and severe floods. We’ve already seen the severe floods this year and in Winnipeg, one of the consequences is that our pretty river walk is underwater again – very odd for this time of year. On the positive side, the golfing is still terrific with our unseasonably warm weather.
Not all of the predictions are negative but I think this type of information emphasizes the need for us to think in much longer terms, to include these predictions in planning for any development both urban and industrial. Most importantly, I hope that we can encourage ourselves to make the small changes in our own lifestyles that will amount to big changes cumulatively.


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