Posted by: Vicki Burns | October 5, 2010

Lake Winnipeg Needs Our Help, One Action at a Time

I was pleased to see this blog  from Richard Baschak pop up this morning giving a message that is central to what I’ve been spouting on behalf of Community Foundations of Canada for the past couple of years. That message is this – we can all help Lake Winnipeg and other lakes in our country, by learning about how our consumption patterns are part of the problem. After learning more about the ingredients in many of the products we’re using, we can choose to use different products that are EcoLogo Certified and hence, Lake Friendly.The EcoLogo Certified products are Lake Friendly because they do not contain phosphorus and other chemicals that runoff and get into our rivers and lakes,causing toxic algae blooms. 

image of EcoLogo

EcoLogo Certification


So take a moment to look at Richard’s blog and complete their very short survey. Then pass it on to others in your network. Its an easy way to spread the word and get people involved in securing fresh, clean water now and for future generations. 

image of colourful drawing with water, fish, bird and sun rising

Lake Friendly logo


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