Posted by: Vicki Burns | July 14, 2010

The Kettle River – Ranked as One of B.C’s Most Endangered Rivers and How the Phoenix Foundation Gets Involved to Change that Ranking

According to this year’s list of most endangered rivers in British Columbia, the Kettle River shares the dubious distinction of topping the list along with the Sacred Headwaters. Water extraction, development and coalbed methane are sited as the 3 leading contributors to endangering these river systems. The Kettle River is already suffering from seasonal low flows and high water temperatures but these conditions are being further threatened by new development proposals that need significant water extractions. 

image of beach beside a river

Kettle River , photo from


As is often the case, there are competing needs between economic development opportunities and environmental stewardship. The Kettle River Watershed Committee has been created to help think through the process of respecting and protecting the watershed at the same time as planning for current and future developments in the area. The Phoenix Foundation has been instrumental in helping to get this important committee started by giving seed funding of $5000. Not only are they providing financial support but one of the board members for the foundation, Becky Deane, is their representative on the Kettle River Watershed Committee. 

Becky described the Phoenix Foundation as “ the little engine that could” because they have done so much while starting with so little. Their community is small in size but large in terms of the passionate commitment of its members. The Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary Communities have completed their first Vital Signs report after tremendous efforts to engage and survey the public. The condition of their waterways is seriously threatened and the foundation is responding with both financial and human support. 

What a great example of a community foundation getting involved in multiple ways to protect our precious water. What do you think?



  1. What a great example to us all ! If only the Lake Winnipeg Watershed area was as coordinated as this. While it may be much larger this is no reason to hold back and use that as an excuse. There are various groups in Manitoba who are all doing their “thing” can we not all get together and work towards a common goal ?

    • I like that idea. It really makes sense to think of using the synergy of our combined efforts rather than working in isolation.

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