Posted by: Vicki Burns | July 16, 2010

Sustainable Investing – Water and How It Factors Into Financial and Risk Assessment

I was encouraged to see this article Liquid Assets “Walking the Talk” Empowerment Through Investing  in the latest Water Canada magazine. Authors Milla Craig and Grace di Meo do a great job of describing the growing movement of sustainable/responsible investing and what it really means. 

image of beach , lake and tree lined shores

Clearwater Lake, photo by Tanya Tran


 They point out that investments in sustainable/responsible funds are growing from fringe to mainstream, with many large mutual funds, pension funds ( including the Canada Pension Plan), and foundations paying serious attention to ESG ( environmental, social, governance)  factors in the companies they are investing in. 

 They go on to make the case for the inclusion of water in the  sustainable risk assessments as the issues surrounding water worldwide are increasing at an alarming rate.
I particularly like the final point they make, which is that each one of us can make a difference through our own personal choices in RRSPs and investments. What do you think the barriers are to more of us personally investing in sustainable/responsible funds?



  1. Thanks for sharing Milla and Grace’s article with your readers. Glad you liked it!

    Best regards,

    Kerry Freek
    Editor, Water Canada

    • Thanks for your comment Kerry. Your publication Water Canada is very impressive – its so comprehensive! Vicki Burns

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