Posted by: Vicki Burns | January 14, 2013

Lake Winnipeg Nominated as Threatened Lake of the Year Worldwide

The news that Lake Winnipeg has been nominated as “Threatened Lake of the Year, 2013” by the Living Lakes Canada is a clear indication the world is watching and is clearly worried about Lake Winnipeg. This is one distinction that the Lake Winnipeg Foundation does not want to see coming to our province.

I think this should be a wake-up call for all of us Manitobans. When our lake is being talked about in similar terms as some of the world’s foremost environmental lake disasters, we need to pay attention. But it’s not the world that will bring it back to health. It’s up to all of us in Manitoba to make sure that we are taking the most important steps.

The challenges around Lake Winnipeg have been well-documented. Urban waste water, agricultural run-off, an exacerbated loss of wetlands and giant flooding events have all contributed greatly to the critical decline of the world’s tenth largest lake.

Sometimes the vastness of the Lake Winnipeg watershed is used as an excuse as to why we can’t make progress. This is unacceptable. Despite the serious threat and dubious distinction, the Lake Winnipeg Foundation staunchly believes that Lake Winnipeg can be turned around and moved toward a cure.

Blue-green Algae Fouls beach on Lake Winnipeg

Blue-green Algae Fouls beach on Lake Winnipeg

The diagnosis is clear. Our lake is seriously threatened. The good news is that our scientists and committed groups like Ducks Unlimited, Manitoba Conservation Districts Association, Lake Friendly, MEIA and IISD are all willing and ready to get going on solutions to help the lake. The Lake Winnipeg Foundation is working to build the collaboration, coordination and action that must begin immediately to stop the deterioration of our great lake. Its time to stop passing the buck and pointing fingers. When Manitobans step up and demonstrate real leadership on our lake, our voice will become much stronger in other jurisdictions. So let’s get going!



  1. thanks to the messed up government for channeling the water into Lake Wpg. They should’ve thought about all the consequences instead of just the farmers and western Canada’s so called suffering on farms, etc. It sucks being on the receiving end of all the waste because my front view used to be Lake Winnipeg and the beautiful sunrise. :( thats all gone and this is yr two of being pushed/forced out of our homes.

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