Posted by: Vicki Burns | August 10, 2012

Lake Winnipeg Foundation Fundraiser Overshadowed by Federal Government Announcement

The Lake Winnipeg Foundation’s biggest fundraiser, “6th Annual Walk for Water” is happening this Sunday August 12 but organizers are worried that last week’s federal government announcement of $18 million has overshadowed the need for grass-roots fundraising. The Foundation is grateful for every dollar that government commits to helping the lake but a large portion of the recent money announced will go to funding core staff within Environment Canada, not to concrete projects on the ground that will decrease the phosphorus getting into the lake.

Blue-green algae on beach on Lake Winnipeg

“We’re concerned that many of the public think the federal government’s recent announcement will pay for everything needed to save the lake. We know that is not the case and we urge the public to support our Walk for Water and other Lake-A-Thon events” says Karin Boyd, President of the Lake Winnipeg Foundation.

There are a myriad of local projects that need to happen across the landscape to stem the flow of excess nutrients that are feeding the toxic blue-green algae blooms.  The Lake Winnipeg Foundation offers support to many of these projects and is the only NGO whose sole aim is to advocate strongly for measures to restore the health of our great Lake Winnipeg.

The Walk for Water Fundraiser is happening this Sunday morning at Victoria Beach, Gimli, Matlock and Grindstone.


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