Posted by: Vicki Burns | November 10, 2011

Lake Erie and Lake Winnipeg , Blue-Green Algae Serious Threat to Both Great Lakes

I was dismayed to see news about the deteriorating state of Lake Erie due to massive blue-green algae blooms. According to this news piece the algae blooms are threatening a huge fishing industry as well as the future of communities along the shores of the lake. The conditions they are describing in Lake Erie sound very similar to what we have here in Manitoba – blue-green algae blooms so large they can be seen from space. However in Manitoba we don’t often hear this kind of news piece, perhaps because there are not nearly as many people living on the shores of the lake and the huge blooms often occur so late in the season that not many people actually see them. The threats posed by these toxic blooms are just as serious in our part of the world as they are in Lake Erie. Maybe we can learn something from the approach they take there to solve this problem.

Satellite image of massive blue-green algae Lake Erie



  1. Lake Erie had alot of $s given to them before and probably will again. I am not even sure whether the LWRC has received any promise of funding from the Feds yet for another year !
    The other thing to remember about Lake Wpg is that most of the algal blooms are in the N Basin and only the fishers see them. Apparently they were bad there this year; but I am not aware that the blooms in the S Basin were that bad and where we are in Grindstone the water quality was quite good all summer. Mo

  2. Wow! Even people in India are upset over the algae blooms in Lake Erie :)

    • Can you tell me any more about the Save Lake Erie group? We might be able to learn something that could help Lake Winnipeg.

  3. @CFC What are the problems you have on Lake Winnipeg? Direct message me on Twitter #SaveLakeErieORG

  4. @CFC I need you a bullet point list of the problems, players/influencers, involved governing bodies and suggested potential solutions.

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