Posted by: Vicki Burns | October 25, 2010

National Water Strategy for Canada – Is it Really Going to Happen?

I was excited to see a news release a few days ago announcing that the Canadian Council on Ministers of the Environment at their recent meeting in Saint Johns, Newfoundland had adopted a three year national strategy on water. Considering that the very essence of our lives is dependent on clean safe water, it makes sense that our elected leaders are deciding that we should have a consistent policy for water all across our country.
Groups like the Council of Canadians, FLOW – Forum for Leadership on Water, The Gordon Water Group, and the Sierra Club of Canada to name a few, have been calling for a national water strategy for several years. Today there is an excellent article in my local paper, The Winnipeg Free Press, that spells out very clearly why we need a national water strategy. If this is a new idea for you, take a minute to read this article.

image of a drop of water

Water - the essence of life

However, I’m having some difficulty finding out any details about what is contained in the three year strategy our provincial and federal ministers have signed on to. I hope there is some substance to this announcement and I’ll let you know if I can find out what that substance is!



  1. Having read the article a “community lie” comes to mind.

    The Conservatives have already made it possible for Quebec to ship bulk water to the US through a pipeline!

    What ever law changes that have made this possible are in effect for other provinces!

  2. In my opinion, Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper put together the water export deals during the Olympics when US Governors and politicians came ot Canada.

    We discuss this and a lot more at the Water War Crimes site


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