Posted by: Vicki Burns | September 14, 2010

Canada’s Freshwater Water Supply Diminishing – the Prairies Hardest Hit

The report released yesterday by Stats Canada flies in the face of what most Canadians believe – that we have more than enough freshwater. The annual decrease in freshwater supply  – about 1.4 million Olympic size pools – is especially concerning across the Prairies. It may be hard for people to believe this year, considering the excessive rainfall we’ve experienced in many areas of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. However, with the 70% loss of wetlands across the Prairies, much of that rainfall has moved so fast  in creeks, rivers and streams,  over the landscape that our aquifers are not able to recharge as they once did. 

image of lake with rocky island

Canadian lake scene


Last week the Manitoba government and Manitoba Hydro announced a new initiative, offering PowerSmart Water  and Energy Saver kits to Manitobans. The Stats Can report certainly makes this offer look very appealing and well timed.
I hope we can encourage more Canadians to stop wasting water, the sooner the better.



  1. We are going to hear a lot of stories about dwindling water supplies as the politics look for excuses to ramp up the price of our water.

    Remember they are in full swing in preparations on bulk water export! The higher they can charge us for water the more the exporters will receive.

    Details can be found at

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