Posted by: Vicki Burns | May 16, 2010

Living Lakes Network Canada – Promoting Community Based Stewardship of Our Lakes

 The Lake Winnipeg Foundation has joined up with 70 other environmental organizations around the world to promote the protection, restoration and rehabilitation of lakes and wetlands around the world. The Living Lakes Network International is a non-governmental network that was started by Global Nature Fund in Germany in1998.                                                                                           

The Lake Winnipeg Foundation has joined forces with Wildsight , an environmental group centred in British Columbia representing the Columbia Wetlands, to create the new Living Lakes Network Canada.

Image of seagull walking along the lake's shore

Seagull enjoying Lake Winnipeg beach

One of the main ideas of the Living Lakes Network is to encourage the sharing of ideas and positive experiences in restoring the health of our waterways. I’ve often thought that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel – why not learn from the experiences of others? 

The problems of toxic blue-green algae, otherwise known as hyper-eutrophication ( an overabundance of phosphorus and nitrogen) are occurring all over the world. They are the result of human activities and the only good news about that, is that we have the power to change our activities. I’ll be writing much about what we need to change in future blogs.
For now, I want to congratulate the Lake Winnipeg Foundation for taking an important step in helping us to learn from the positive experiences of others.


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