Posted by: Vicki Burns | May 13, 2010

Bottled Water – What’s All the Fuss About?

image of bottled water

On average bottled water costs 2000 times more than tap water.

We’ve probably all heard about different municipalities, schools, public buildings across the country that are taking action on banning bottled water in their facilities but do we really understand why?

Here is one of the most comprehensive and interesting short videos  The Story of Bottled Water (  that explains it so well. Annie Leonard started with the Story of Stuff several years ago and now has released this 7 minute video that shows very clearly why we should stop buying bottled water for several reasons, not the least of which is the mountain of waste we’re creating.
I was recently at a meeting about water in Banff and someone suggested that Parks Canada should hand out re-usable water bottles with the park pass you buy upon entering the park. I think that would be a terrific message to give people about reusing water bottles and drinking the clean, safe water available from taps. What do you think?

Pass this message on to at least one more person and we’ll have helped to spread the word. In Canada we’re fortunate to have clean, safe drinking water coming out of many of our taps. Lets work to ensure that clean, safe water is available to everyone now and in the future.



  1. Town of Banff just voted this week to Ban the sale of bottled water in Town of Banff Facilities. they also took the important step of adding an extra fountain with an easy spout for filling re-useable bottles and have bottles for sale. This is possible as Banff has very clean drinking water. Being at the start of the Lake Winnipeg Watershed allows us in Banff the privelage of enjoying clean, safe water. As a community we have invested a lot of tax dollars in our sewage treatment plant to ensure downstream water quality. We have also started to address storm sewer issues to protect water quality.

    What else could we do to help protect your water downstream users?

  2. Thanks for your comment Kim. Its great news that the town of Banff has decided to join the growing number of communities who are banning bottled water. Regarding what else you can do to help protect downstream water users, there are a number of things. The town of Banff has already set very high standards for your wastewater treatment system which is hugely important. Beyond that, educating people about the necessity of water conservation practises is very important. Downstream water users on the Bow River are facing serious threats of water shortages. AS well decreasing the water used, decreases wear and tear on wastewater treatment systems.
    Starting to raise awareness amongst the general public about water issues and solutions is a big step in the right direction. Thanks for all you’re doing ! Vicki

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