Posted by: Vicki Burns | April 20, 2011

Red River Flood Video – Aerial Footage Shows Incredible Extent of Flooding

I just received this link from the Red River Basin Commission. It’s a video on You Tube taken all along the Red River from Fargo-Moorhead north. It doesn’t extend across the border to Canada but the water will ultimately flow up here, along with all the excess nutrients and other pollutants that are bound to be in it. The images show a sea of water across the landscape. Its hard to imagine the mess that will be left once the water subsides.
In Manitoba, this is being called the 2nd worst flood in 150 years due to the extent of overland flooding. 30 municipalities have declared states of emergencies , 80 provincial roads are affected and 500 municipal roads are closed. Thankfully only a handful of homes have been flooded but the damage is extensive in many other ways. So make sure to check out the video – a picture is worth a thousand words.


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