Posted by: Vicki Burns | December 6, 2010

Choking Lake Winnipeg – New Video Documentary Raises Awareness of Problems and Solutions in the Lake


image of word "yuk' raked inot dired algae at the beach

Remnants of blue-green algae on Lake winnipeg Beach

Dr. James Byrne, from the University of Lethbridge, in association with several community and private foundations, has just released the documentary CHOKING LAKE WINNIPEG. The Winnipeg Foundation sponsored a premiere screening of the documentary at the IMAX theatre in Winnipeg to a full house last week. Judging by the feedback after the screening, I think it was well received and generated plenty of buzz.
The 25 minute video is full of easy to understand descriptions of what is causing the massive blue-green algae blooms in Lake Winnipeg and other water bodies across the Prairies. It also describes some of the solutions to the problems and makes the point that every one of us can be part of the solution. I think its an excellent resource for community groups to use to generate interest in the situation which is occurring in many water bodies across the Prairies. Even more important is that it can be used to generate discussion at the local level about what individuals and communities can do to restore the health of prairie lakes and ultimately Lake Winnipeg.
Community Foundations of Canada, as part of our Lake Winnipeg Watershed Initiative, has developed a “tool kit” to go along with the video to help groups to plan, advertise and coordinate a local water event. Its available to any group interested in promoting greater understanding of water issues and the solutions. So just contact me if you’d like to pursue using this.

Thank you to all of the foundations who made CHOKING LAKE WINNIPEG possible.

The Calgary Foundation,     The Edmonton Community Foundation,     Red Deer & District Community Foundation, Community Foundation of Medicine Hat and Southeastern Alberta
Battle River Community Foundation

The Banff Community Foundation  ,  The J.W.McConnell Family Foundation        The Winnipeg Foundation

The Thomas Sill Foundation


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