Posted by: Vicki Burns | November 16, 2010

Small Change Fund – An Opportunity to Contribute to Big Change

Recently I had a conversation with Ruth Richardson, co-founder of Small Change Fund. I was impressed and excited by the concepts she discussed. I was particularly struck by the very first sentence on their website describing what they do. “Small Change Fund empowers you to make big change with small change”.
They are offering the opportunity for grass-roots groups to showcase their projects at the same time as offering Canadians the opportunity to donate to those projects. Often, I’ve heard people expressing their frustration at not getting an idea off the ground because they just don’t have the seed money to get it going. Small Change Fund can help with that dilemma and can help donors who want to be part of the kind of grass-roots change that we need, as we move towards a more sustainable future.

image of 2 women taking water samples from the creek

Dead Horse Creek water sampling

Ruth was inspired by the work of an American group, Global Green Grants, who create opportunities by making small grants to grass-roots groups working for social and environmental justice around the world. Global Green Grants Fund has now established a global network, Green Grants Alliance of Funds, which is represented by Small Change Fund in Canada.
Small Change Fund has a number of partners including Tides Canada and LUSH handmade cosmetics, to name a few. This is really a wonderful opportunity for many grass-roots projects across the country so please pass on this link to any groups you know of in your area. I’m sure there are many groups would be excited to be able to promote their project and potentially secure funding to proceed so let’s help them to make the connection.



  1. It would be great to feature some of the Small Change Fund projects in future blog postings.

    • That’s a great idea. There are probably projects happening in one part of the country that could be emulated in another area. We don’t have to keep re-inventing the wheel.

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