Posted by: Vicki Burns | July 24, 2010

Walk For Water – Lake Winnipeg Foundation’s Annual Walk-A-Thon

Mark your calendars for August 8 to join in the Lake Winnipeg Foundation’s Annual Walk-A-Thon. This year the locations for the walk have expanded to include Matlock, Gimli, Grindstone, and Victoria Beach. The goals of this Walk for Water are to raise money for projects related to restoring the health of Lake Winnipeg and to raise awareness about the problems the lake faces and how we can all help to fix it. 

image of catamaran sailboat at dock on Lake

Hecla Harbour, Lake Winnipeg


The Lake Winnipeg Foundation is a grassroots charitable  organization started by a group of concerned citizens five years ago.They are dedicated stewards of the lake from all walks of life, united in ensuring there’s a healthy lake for future generations.  

Accordindg to the Lake Winnipeg Foundation, cleaning up Lake Winnipeg is not going to be a quick fix.  It will take a long time, perhaps a generation, but it can only be done if everyone helps. What happens in our watershed can adversely affect our lake.  The Lake Winnipeg Watershed spans four provinces (AB, SK, ON and MB) plus four states (ND, SD, MN and MT)…with well over 6 million people in it!  We are all responsible for the problems in Lake Winnipeg, and we must all be part of the solutions. 

So how about starting to help by going online to get a pledge form and do your part to raise funds for the Lake.


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