Posted by: Vicki Burns | July 21, 2010

The Winnipeg Foundation Helps “Green” Charitable Organizations With New EnviroGrants Program

Its exciting to see The Winnipeg Foundation taking concrete action to help many Winnipeg organizations become more environmentally friendly. 

 A few months ago they announced their new EnviroGrants program and Megan Tate, Community Grants Coordinator, said they were really pleased with the response from the community. “As part of our most recent strategic plan, The Winnipeg Foundation identified environmental sustainability as a priority for the organization. We realized if we were trying to become more “green”, there were probably other non-profit organizations who shared our goal.  EnviroGrants was created so the Foundation could support those groups in their efforts.” 

image of bathroom with low flow toilet and tap

Low flow toilet and taps


 Water Conservation is one of the 4 key areas targeted for the EnviroGrants and if you look at the list of grants approved already, you can see that many organizations have taken advantage of that key area. Helping charitable organizations to stop wasting water through funding low flow toilets and fixtures, is a tangible way for foundations to help Canadians better protect our precious water. 

Congratulations to The Winnipeg Foundation for setting this great example.



  1. What a great idea! Thx for sharing this. CFC is doing a public opinion survey with Environics about Canadians’ attitudes toward their local environment. This program is a great example of encouraging action.

    • I’ll be very interested in the Environics survey results so let me know. The Winnipeg Foundation program is really great because it offers such concrete action towards immediate ways we can stop wasting water.

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