Posted by: Vicki Burns | May 21, 2010

Clean Safe Drinking Water – Do All Canadians Have it?

image of tap water going into a glass

Clean safe water from the tap to the glass

This past week there has been much in the news about the state of drinking water in Canada. The 10th anniversary of the Walkerton tragedy, in which 7 people died due to ecoli poisoning from their drinking water , has sparked interest in what progress has been made over the past decade.
I had no idea how many communities across our country are still without clean safe water coming from their taps. At last count, there were about 1776 boil water advisories across Canada according to a report published by Ecojustice and FLOW. In my home province, Manitoba, we currently have 86 boil water advisories according to the Manitoba Water Stewardship website. Do you know how many boil water advisories are in place in your province?
I also had no idea that we still don’t have national standards for drinking water. Surely having basic standards for clean, safe drinking water should be something that is applied across Canada. Do you agree?

I wonder how many of us just take for granted our safe drinking water. Maybe its time to pay more attention to this precious resource.


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